Medical Sciences Research

Every division in DMSc carries out work for research and development as well as Health products consumer protection purposes. There are 2 divisions mainly focusing on research i.e. National Institute of Health and Medicinal Plant Research Institute.

National Institute of Health (NIH)

The National Institute of Health (Thai NIH) is a part of the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health Thailand.   Thai NIH major mandates are first, serving as national public health reference laboratory, and, second, conducting research. For 30s years until now Thai NIH has functioned as a national laboratory and plays an important role in disease prevention and control.

  • Conducting study to resolve problems in medical sciences and public health, generating information for government in order to formulate public health policies and strategies.
  • Functioning as national reference diagnosis laboratory, providing laboratory-based epidemiological data for nation planning.
  • Serving as an information center for medical microbiology.
  • Implementing “Quality Assurance System” to guarantee all laboratory results.
  • Providing co-operative and supportive actions to other collaborative agencies.


Medicinal Plant Research Institute

Research and develop knowledge and laboratory technologies in the field of medicinal plant research , Develop system for quality analysis of raw materials and herbal products. Establish medicinal plant standards and herbal pharmacopoeia.

  • Research and Development of Drug from medicinal plants.
  • Development on analytical method
  • Providing quality assessment and certification for raw materials and herbal products.
  • Implementing “Quality Assurance System” to guarantee all laboratory results.
  • Establishment of Herbal database system and information related to medicinal plants.
  • Collaborating with or providing support to other collaborative agencies.


Medical Life Science Institute (MLSI)

Medical Life Science Institute integrates expertise in stem cell, regenerative medicine, human genetics, personalized medicine, medical biotechnology altogether and extends basic science toward clinical research with GCP-compliance, in order to create medical sciences innovation that solve Thailand’s medical and public health problems. MLSI aims to be ASEAN’s leader in medical sciences research.